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E-Governance in Raigad Police .

  • Introduction to Information & Technology Wing
  • The Information & Technology Wing is the designated Nodal Wing for the implementation of e-Governance in Raigad Police. The motto of the Wing is “Information Driven Policing”.
  • Vision & Mission of the Wing
  • To control all forms of crime and criminal activities by taking suitable and appropriate preventive    measures accompanied by effective detection.
  • To increase awareness of Law to public.
  • To attain transparency in policing without compromising national security.
  • To increase accessibility to common man so as to address grievances by way of improved police-    public interface.
  • Providing a secure environment to citizens through better management of Human Resources,    equipment and use of Law.
  • To ensure speedy and effective justice thereby punishing the offender and to prevent recurrence of    offences.
  • To streamline internal administration by ensuring that there is efficiency and uniformity in Recruitment,    Promotions, Rewards, Punishments, Welfare activities etc., so as to inculcate a sense of discipline    and commitment to the organization.
  • To streamline other areas like procurement, stores and finance and budget.
  • Existing e-Governance initiatives undertaken in Department of Police.
  • Under the CIPA Project, 26 Police Stations have been covered. The IT & T Wing of Raigad Police has however uploaded CIPA software in all the Police Stations.
  • Under the CCTNS (Crime Criminal Tracking Network System) Project, of which CIPA is a sub-set. The CCTNS Project is likely to be implemented by Government of India from 2009.
  • Training
  • Up till September 2011, 9825 officials have been imparted training in CIPA and other IT related courses. The main courses being run are on basics of Computers and Automation, CIPA software Operation, Networking in LAN-WAN, Hardware Training, Cyber Crime Awareness & ToT.
  • Raigd Police Website
  • The official website of Raigad Police is registered as domain name www.raigadpolice.gov.in . It is dynamically strengthened so as to provide increased space for information to be made available to internet users.
  • Crime Criminal Information System (CCIS)
  • This is a criminal records management system maintained by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). This is used for punching and storing the data of crime and criminals at SCRB/ DCRB.
  • Talash: This is used for punching and storing the data of missing persons / unidentified dead bodies.
  • Portrait building: This application is used to prepare sketches of suspected criminals.
  • Payroll/GPF: It is used to prepare the pay rolls / GPF statements of police personnel
  • Organized Crime Information System(OCIS)
  • This is a web based application developed by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for punching in information related to various agencies involved in organized criminal activities including history sheeters, terrorist activities, robbery, theft etc.