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         Under the fourth article of the agreement executed by the late Nawab in 1870 a police force has been organized. Up to 1880 there were two classes of police, sixty state police and thirty-two jail police. Both were under the control of the karbhari, the magistrates, and the head constable. In 1880 the two sections of the police were joined into one, the strength reduced from ninety-two to eighty-four, and the whole of them drilled and placed under the charge of the Assistant Political Agent. The Raigad District Police Force then Colaba District Police Force came into existence in the year 1885. Now Raigad District police force contained 26 police station represent ting 15 Revenue Tahasil Talukas.  At present Raigad Police force empowered with 182 Police Officers and 2018  Men.